Why us?

Here are some facts that shall make the decision easier for you


DOGMAT Systemy Services is one of the first companies in Poland dealing with comprehensive debt management. Our operation is based on on-site debt collecting. And we are not mentioning it here to emphasize that we are pioneers in this business. We are bringing it up because during nearly 20 years of operation we have developed effective procedures, original program and our own methodology that prove to be working. That simple.


We shall answer your e-mail and any other message forthwith. Whenever you need us, we are at your disposal. During office hours – our telephone is never off.


Our Experts have sufficient experience and extensive knowledge of law, economy, psychology and criminology. They are dutiful, active, and ambitious. Over the years, we have managed to attract to DOGMAT Systemy Services the best specialists who, if you only wish for it, shall work also for your success.


Our effectiveness considerably exceeds 95%, and in the recent years the success ratio in Finance-Security Debt Collection the figure reaches 98%! We shall recover your receivables from the so called “difficult debtors”. Sounds unreal? Not for us! Our team is so efficient because anything we do is based on proved investigation, intelligence and psychological techniques. Besides, we always observe the rules of professional ethics. For years, we have been achieving utmost efficiency in recovering receivables. This is the most important measure of our work.


We shall give you 100% of our attention! You can always count on our support and advice, because DOGMAT Systemy Services are, first of all, the people who want to listen to you. We shall support you in handling even the most difficult professional challenges. We care about your prosperity and success!


We shall present reliable and clear cooperation conditions. You are guaranteed that we shall perform any task under the agreement with due care. We will keep you informed of the work progress. Thus, you will gain full control over the course of actions.


You get from us what you want and need. The tools and solutions suggested by us will be adjusted to your requirements, specificity of your business, and company management policy. We do not base on readily available templates. We shall create them just for you.


DSonline is an original software based on the long-lasting cooperation with globally recognised automotive brands and financial institutions. DSonline is exactly as you want it. Why?

We shall adjust to your company needs e.g.:

  • reporting frequency
  • types of reports
  • information you want to see in the system

You can access the panel any time and you are always well-informed on the processes pending.


We always offer you fair price for our services.

If you value quality, good communication and solid work – call us or write to us.
It may be the first step to check our effectiveness.
Telephone: +48 61 651 20 20
E-mail: windykacja@dogmatsystemy.pl

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