Purchase of debts


Purchase of debts – immediate access to cash

For many entrepreneurs, the sale of debts means getting rid of the problem of overdue payments and unreliable contractors. Thanks to the transfer, you no longer cover debt collection costs, relieve company finances and nearly immediately obtain funds for further development.

Purchase of debts – What will your benefit be?

You shall have an immediate access to the funds, and thus regain full control of your finance

You optimise loss: in case of a debt, time is your enemy: your debtor may declare bankruptcy or conceal the assets

You get rid of the problem: debtor’s or contractor’s insolvency is no longer your problem

Thanks to the transfer you shall reduce the cost of court proceedings, and the cost of enforcement proceedings

You maintain financial liquidity, pay-off your liabilities, ensure stable development of your company

You will reduce the cost of tax obligations: according to the regulations you will be entitled to apply for bad debts relief

Transfer or debt collection?

You must be aware that in most cases transfer of debts results in the discontinuance of cooperation with a contractor – the debtor. It is a solution that turns out to be useful in specific situations. Often, it is worth starting with an effective mediation that shall allow regaining your independence and continuing the previously built relation with the Client.
As a company, which specialises in debts management, we shall suggest a solution that is the most beneficial for you. Our expert will analyse the history of the debt, particulars of the debtor and his current situation. Only after the analysis of facts we shall suggest an optimal solution, beneficial for you.

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