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We have been working together and building our success for many years. Our competence and knowledge complement each other, and clear targets and willingness to cooperate cause that we are determined and successful in finding the best solutions!

Kinga Janus

A manager with over a decade of experience in debt collection business in alcoholic beverages sector and in marketing and sales of luxurious goods, among other on the Eastern markets.

Monika Giec

A manager managing the debt collection and audit teams; she has related to the collection business for over 13 years. She is an expert in the field of frauds and funds misappropriation, she has taken part in the construction of processes in investigation audits for financial institutions.

Dawid Janus

Manager with over a decade of experience in finance, among other on the Eastern markets. He has an extensive experience in finance managing and process optimising. A founder and shareholder of the company.

Paweł Janus

Manager with over a decade of experience in debt collection and audit business, and in financial services in medical sector. A founder and shareholder of the company.

She has been involved in the debt collection industry for over 13 years. Expert in the field of legal handling of debts, skip tracer. Coordinates actions of the Negotiating Team and Consumer Coordinators.

Works in finances for over 7 years. Responsible for the quality and timeliness of settlements in the following services: Factoring + and MEDFIN. Adivisor of Strategic Clients.

Coordinates the activities of field-based negotiators, focused on optimization of processes and performance indicators.

Karolina Gzela-Jarmolowicz

Responsible for the smooth running of the office, keeping the calendar and arranging appointments. Draws up and edits letters, collects and analyzes data.

A team of practitioners with many years’ experience, operating in the territory of Poland and in the European Union. The competence and skills of the team considerably contributed to audit services on Polish market, introducing a new quality. The team has been a success, effectively optimising the existing audit processes and executing new solutions as appropriate for respective problems which is confirmed by revealing serious failures and misuses on international scale.

Management of Entrepreneurs’ Receivables from a SME sector

An experienced team of skip tracers, first level negotiators, second level negotiators and legal consultants. A team specialized in the recovery of debts at every stage, in particular in process: amicably, judicially and enforceable.

On-site Negotiators

An experienced team of negotiators operating in the territory of Poland and in the European Union, specialised in collecting receivables and recovering the securities.

Sales Office Your Safe Receivables and Factoring +

A team of specialists including Sales Representatives offer support at every stage of business development, matching the perfect offer: Your Safe Receivables and Factoring +, which are individually needed for every Entrepreneurship.We will be happy to meet and share the benefits of our cooperation. We would like to invite you to a meeting at the headquarters of our company. Apart from that, we are equally willing and ready to meet you at a location and time of your convenience.

Ewa Błaszkowska

A sales department employee with several years of experience in direct customer service. Focused on building customer relationships in the field of the following services: Your Secured Loans and Factoring+. Responsible for preparing commercial offers, concluding contracts and co-operating with the operational department.

She also should be present here. This is Alma 🙂 Alma is a friend and a member of our staff.

Everyone here has a desk and necessary work tools, and Alma has …. her bowl and a garden she loves to be in 🙂

To be clear: Alma does work, too: she cheers us up with her wagging tail and that characteristic dog’s smile that never comes off her face!

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