We work for your profit

Basing upon over a decade of our experience we have established a modern information system DSonline
that will allow you to improve the effectiveness of management


Debt Management

The effectiveness of debt collecting operations is significantly above 90%



Dealer Networks Audit

Risk restriction – solid report – quick transfer of information



Financial Services
for Medical Sector

Medical market financing
and business debts collection


Why us?

Company DOGMAT Systemy Services Sp. z o.o. was established to facilitate your daily work and to increase the effectiveness of your operations to the maximum.
You will have experts with over a decade of experience working for you.

Experts and communication

You get 100% of our attention. You can always count on our support and advice.

Customized solutions

We know the specificity of your business. We shall provide you with tools adjusted only to your needs.

Maximum effectiveness

The effectiveness of our debt collecting operations considerably exceeds 95%.


Reliability and commitment

Your business is our priority. We are dutiful in performing any task specified in the agreement.

Reasonable evaluation of needs

We listen to your suggestions and then, based on our knowledge, indicate the optimal solution.

Original software

You have everything under control. DSonline is an effective business solution in your hands.

Get to know Us

What makes us trustworthy business partners, is the team of professionals who act quickly, effectively and in timely manner.


The effectiveness of our work is confirmed not only by the words you are reading now, but also by the opinions expressed by our Partners.


Check us: contact us now. Share your problem with us and we shall solve it.
Beside knowledge and a team of experts we guarantee you a sincere and authentic commitment

We guarantee that your message will be responded to within 24 hours.
Your data is safe with us. It stays with us, and only with us

Address: ul. Powstańców Wielkopolskich 2, 62-002 Suchy Las
Work hours:
monday-friday od 8.00-16.00
+48 61 651 20 20
Telephone: +48 722 33 55 33

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No time – No effect

In debt collecting time counts. It is the lack of time and prolonging debt collecting activities that reduce the chances for success

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Speed and Effectiveness!

Don’t wait. Act.
See, what we can do instead of you. Right away

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