Dealers stock audit

A method to improve company management processes, Clients’ satisfaction and profits. Control situation and minimize the risk of loss.

No knowledge – no profit

If you are an importer of a car brand or a representative of a financing institution, you are likely to wish for control over the processes accompanying the distribution of a product. You are aware that a situation where a dealer realizes sales and quality policy deviating from the global standards of the brand or does not observe the terms of an agreement, may result in weakening the company’s market position.

The lack of prompt reaction to such actions is most frequently the consequence of the lack of information. It is ignorance that makes it impossible to implement remedies and correct irregularities which, in the consequence, increases the risk of financial loss. Not to mention a dynamic growth of the company.

The irregularities, we refer to, not necessarily result from the ill-will of the dealer. They may be caused by ignorance or mistakes, and by the lack of efficient control procedures consistent with the internal policy of the company. Usually, a slight correction of actions may protect you against considerable economic and image losses.
The whole point is to control processes and access to information on Contractors activities.

Audit – the source of knowledge

Upon request of a car brand importer and dealer’s financing institutions, experts from DOGMAT Systemy Services conduct a reliable and comprehensive control of dealer’s stock. See, what we can do for you:

Dealer stock audit
Inventories audit
Commercial audit
Network standards audit
Marketing actions audit
E-mail addresses database audit
DEMO park audit
Warranty repairs audit
GPS monitoring of the stock

Audit – benefits

Audit performed by experienced specialists from DOGMAT Systemy Services shall let you maintain control, reduce the risk of loss and manage the company in an effective manner. We shall submit to you a reliable and clear report that will provide you with a full picture of the dealer’s stock by specific categories. You may use that report to implement effective remedy procedures that shall translate into Client’s satisfaction and company profits.

Audit means:

  • control
  • improvement of management processes
  • fast reaction to irregularities
  • improved quality, efficiency and safety
  • limitation of financial risk
  • capital protection
  • reduction of costs by optimising actions

You get, what you want

During over a decade of our work we have discovered that what maximises the effectiveness of audit and facilitates Partner’s work is flexibility.
DOGMAT Systemy Services audit does not draw on a limited template because it is adjusted to:

  • the internal policy of your company
  • the internal procedures
  • the method of management
  • current market situation
  • brand value

Your needs are important for us. Therefore, the scope of an audit and methods of our work are entirely adjusted to your business aims and individual requirements.

Each time you receive exactly what you need. This will allow you to take actions right away and immediately react to the situation that requires your intervention.

You can access online system any time at your convenience, and control the processes.

Reporting on demand, that is DSonline

What distinguishes DOGMAT Systemy Services, is the speed of providing information.

We have developed an innovative audit system DSonline that allows prompt analysis of data and implementation of corrections, if necessary. This makes you act faster and increases your effectiveness as immediate action reduces the risk of loss.

DSonline is not another computer software. DSonline is a program based on the long-lasting cooperation with globally recognised automotive brands and financial institutions. DSonline is exactly as you want it. At your request, it may be extended by additional modules and functionalities you find useful.

We will adjust to your company needs e.g.:

Reporting frequency

Types of reports

Information you want to appear in the system

Audyt stoków dealerskich

DOGMAT Systemy Services Audit:
We give you something more

Our audit is something more than just a report. We not only check if a dealer complies with quality standards and meets the agreement in a reliable manner, but we give you something extra: we share with you the opinions of our experts. Taking into account consumers behaviours and present market situation, we provide advice as to which solutions shall improve sales and protect your resources. We show what is worth paying special attention to, what perplexes us, and what are the strengths of a given dealer. Thus, you can more easily optimise the management processes.

What will change to the better?

As soon as you receive a reliable and clear audit report, you will control the situation to the fullest extent. Uncertainty shall be replaced with hard data, to which you can react forthwith. You shall have a clear path of action, thanks to which you will be able to release the company’s potential, reduce the risk of loss, facilitate your work and the work of your Team. You will become even better in what you do. You will win recognition and respect of the co-workers.

Feel the full control and observe us work for your benefit
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